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About Us

Style Is Expressing Who You Are Without Having to Speak

Dedicated to providing quality, accessible and specialized styling services, Sammy Hair Salon is an all-inclusive destination to offer comprehensive beauty solutions. Finding an appealing yet relaxing environment in a hair salon is the rare concern we aim to address at Sammy Hair Salon. With the most talented beauticians, cosmetologists, and barbers on our side, we capitalize on this very need to improvise your look with trendy styles and techniques.

We seek to build a better relationship with our customers to make them feel good about their new look by opening seven days a week and allowing them to book the appointment through the Booksy app.

Sammy Hair Salon sets its own standards. Your high-quality, on-trend looks that reflect your unique personality are now our responsibility. Our services are meant to give you a refreshing look you are looking for. By creating a separate set of services for both men and women, our stylists establish new approaches regarding cutting, coloring, styling, trimming, texturing, and washing of hair, along with the beauty services of manicure pedicure, eyebrow waxing, deep tissue facial, and more. Style is all about confidence, and Sammy Hair Salon is the place to boost it.